1977 Porsche 911 Targa

2023 Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge

More than Restored. Reborn.

The 1977 Porsche 911 Targa

Some say that scars tell the story of the soul, and no vehicle exemplifies this notion better than the 1977 Porsche 911 Targa. In true Porsche fashion, it was crafted with a specific goal in mind: to provide an unmatched driving experience. Throughout its journey, it has faced challenges and been pushed to its limits, resulting in a transformation that makes it almost unrecognizable. A mosaic of repairs and components sourced from various places now defines its appearance. If it were an ordinary car, it might have met its end in a scrapyard, joining countless others deemed obsolete.

However, this is a Porsche—a machine destined for greatness. Recognizing this, Porsche Tucson took on the responsibility of rescuing this classic from the relentless march of time before it suffered further deterioration. The task was daunting, as valuable endeavors often are. Yet, the team at Porsche Tucson has undertaken similar challenges twice before, rising to the occasion. Leveraging their expertise, they meticulously stripped the car down to its essentials. Every inch, every part, from the engine to the upholstery, underwent scrutiny and restoration.

No detail was overlooked. Salvaging what could be saved and reconstructing the rest became their mission. They say time heals wounds, but it also requires unwavering dedication, unshakeable resolve, and a team fueled by boundless passion.

When Porsche Tucson crossed paths with this car, it had weathered severe trials. Now, it has been brought back from the brink. The scars of past traumas have been replaced by the flawless strength of new steel, promising boundless potential. A legend has been restored to its former glory—more than a mere restoration, it’s a rebirth. This time, Porsche Tucson isn’t just writing a new chapter for this classic; they’re crafting an entirely new life.


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