1966 Porsche 911

2021 Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge

Two Icons, Destined Together

1966. Chapman Automotive officially opens its doors. And Porsche introduces this classic 911.

Coincidence? Not a chance!

You can tell by the picture currently hanging in our showroom we’ve always known these two icons were destined to be together. Now, after 55 years – they are! When we found this hidden gem, it was in rough shape. But its bones were strong. And like every Porsche, it has the heart of a champion. All it needs is a little elbow grease and a whole lot of TLC. That’s where we come in.

Follow us as we journey back in time to strip away the decades of hard living and restore this masterpiece to its former glory! It’s going to be one heck of a ride…


Task 1: Removing & Restoring the Engine

The Porsche engine is a work of art: the perfect confluence of engineering, precision, and performance.

After 11 years of silence, getting the engine to purr again is task #1. Next, we dismount and rebuild it to restore its original prowess. Then we cover it and store it away.

And it waits.

Because there’s much more work to be done before it can once again take its rightful place.


Task 2: Tear Down

The time has come for some tough love.
Stripping away the past, and all the years of hard living. Cutting down to bare steel
until this icon is just a shell of what it once was — and unlocking the pure potential of
what it can be again.
But the work won’t be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.
Stay tuned as we reshape, restore, and rebuild the future.


Task 3: Sandblasting

Transformation is hard.
Like “tiny shards of ‘tough love’ blasted at up to 500 miles per hour” hard.

But, difficult as it is, it must be done. Because every last impurity must be removed to
restore this legend to its original perfection.

Stay tuned as we move ever closer to the final destination.


Task 4: Painting

Irish Green.
For some, it represents tradition.
For others: envy. Yeah. That seems about right.


Task 5. Engine Drop

A legend sleeping.
No, sleeping is restful. Passive.

This is something more; something different. It’s active – steel forged in fire. This is transformation.

But whatever you call it…everything’s about to change.

Still…the work is not finished. Follow us as we continue to breathe new life into the heart – and soul – of a champion.

Task 6: Rebuild

At its core, transformation is comprised of three main ingredients: will, effort, and time.

On the journey to restore this classic to its former glory, we have supplied an abundance of each.

Now, we have reached the home stretch.

And although our destination is tantalizingly near, now is not the time to let up. If anything, we must redouble our efforts.

Because anything less would dishonor the effort already spent – and the transformation still to come.

Follow us as we take the last few steps of this magnificent journey.


Task 7: Reunion

30 years ago, opportunity knocked.

That’s not quite right. “Destiny” is a better word to describe the moment a young mechanic and a classic 911 first came together.

The bond they forged was undeniable and built to last a lifetime — even when time and circumstance forced a parting of the ways.

But destiny is a powerful thing. And what is meant to be will find a way.

So, it’s no coincidence that as we continue to strip away the years and strive to restore this legend to its former glory — the two should reunite.

Be there as the past and present collide – creating a new vision of the future.

The finish line is close now, but there’s still much to be done.


Task 8: Showcase

After months of hard work, we finally celebrate.
Our once idle classic Porsche has been reborn and is ready to live a new life. With a second chance on the road, this beauty is sure to turn heads.
As promised, every last impurity has been removed and restored to its original perfection.
We are proud to share with you our fully restored classic 1966 Porsche 911 Coupe.



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